Heart Health Report Card for 2007

This weekend is the second anniversary of heart attack and the beginning of my 17 day hospital stay that included a triple bypass. One of the things I was determined to do was change my life and live a healthier life. Last year I put together a report card to track my progress to a healthy lifestyle. I think it keeps me accountable and is an exercise that I have to go through each year to keep me on target or get me back on target.

Well, here is that report card. I tallied my scores to see how I scored in 2007. I actually hate to say that I had a slight decrease in my healthiness. There are some areas of improvement but also areas where I did not improve.

[2005] [2006] [2007] Heart Friendly Diet = F, B, B+
Regular Aerobic Exercise = F, D, F
Lower Stress Level = C, B, B-
Taking Time for Myself = D, C, C
Prevention of Future Attack = F, B, B
Overall Health Grade = F, C+, C

In the coming week I will explore these key lifestyle measures and their scores as part of my recovery. I know many of my friends read this blog. I hope it serves as education for them in preventing a heart attack in the future.

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