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Taking time for yourself and lowering stress are pretty tightly coupled for me. The goals for each are almost identical. Again, I could almost post the same entry for this year as I did last year. Here is last year’s goal for 2007.

My goal for next year is to have 3 weeknights free every week and to have a “selfish weekend” every other month.

Free time bubbles to the top of the list again. I can see a pattern here. LOL. Just as I reported yesterday, free time is a precious commodity. I guess the bottom line is that I need to make free time more of a priority right behind exercise. A few years back, I had a congregational council member who had the right idea. She limited the nights she volunteered and just told people that she was sorry that she could not meet when those nights were taken.

My goal for the coming year is to limit meeting and volunteering nights to two a week. I like the idea of just allowing myself to put two nights on my calendar and telling people that my calendar is full for the week when they are taken. It is not unreasonable. People have to learn to respect another person’s personal limits.

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