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I feel like I am behind the times in choosing a Presidential candidate to support. Super Tuesday has come and gone, and Ohio’s primary is approaching in early March. I have really been up in the air on who to support. So, I decided to objectively look at the candidates and make a personal choice.

Isn’t it fascinating the candidates that are emerging in recent weeks? The Republicans offer an all-male good old boy club of dull, aging candidates. The Democrats offer a younger, progressive slate with a black man and a female. Talk about opposite approaches to politics.

The Republican side is quite bleak and tired looking. Most of the candidates reek of old school politics. There is no question that John McCain has secured the nomination. Although I am not a person who votes on a single issue, I feel McCain is a dangerous person to the civil liberties of LGBT people. Any candidate that expresses a view that a group of people be treated lesser than others in our society has no place leading this nation.

He is obviously not a proponent of gay marriage. Even more frightening, he believes faithful gay couples have no right to civil unions and fair benefits awarded to opposite sex couples. He supports it by saying that our forefathers meant to protect the traditional family when the established this nation and their wishes need to be upheld. That obviously implies that if you are not in a traditional family, you just have to live as a second class citizen. That puts him in the dumpster with the other republican candidates.

Turning my attention to the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two candidates running neck and neck. As opposed to the Republicans, they share a vision for tomorrow and progress in this country; not a legacy of fear, profiteering, lack of compassion, and stale politics infesting today’s Republican Party.

I am quite impressed by both of their credentials. They are two compassionate well educated people who seem to posses very good values. Hillary’s opponents speak of her legacy in her marriage to Bill Clinton. Obama’s opponents speak of his lack of experience to lead the nation. These two statements are just plain old politics raising its ugly head. They are based in biases and untruths. For the good of LGBT people, both oppose a federal marriage amendment that would write discrimination into our constitution and lower LGBT to a lower class. They both favor gay civil unions and bestowing partner benefits to gay couples.

I have decided to support Barack Obama. It is a difficult choice. Both are worthy Presidential candidates. The dream team would be Obama for President and Clinton for VP. I realize that people with their drive and determination could never serve together. Barack exemplifies progress and change. I believe he is better able to win the election. The good news is that people will not let race determine their vote today. The bad news is that they will let their prejudices toward women affect their vote. Talk about a shift over the past 40 years.

Obama has the power to unify this nation and restore its tarnished reputation of the past 8 years. He understands first hand the importance of equality for all Americans. The promise of fair government for all will be restored. I also believe he can bring this nation into harmony with the global community. Today we have a President who is scorned globally. That needs to be changed.

With a progressive government in place and unity on the rise, the pandering to a small “Christian “minority in the sake of so-called family values will only be exposed for what it really is… a political ploy to gain votes and campaign funds. I believe the people who are truly Christian will rise and reclaim that now tarnished word. Family values will broaden to encompass families who are divorced, single parents, gay couples, and other who don’t fit the mold of self righteous, so-called Christians. They fit the mold of families who live a life of faith, love and hope together and share that love with the world. This is what our forefathers meant by the separation of church and state. Government governs and the people are free to pursue their religion free from the reach and influence of the government.

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  1. Heidi February 14, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I am also supporting Obama. While Clinton could possibly get more done politically, Obama will give the nation a vision for the future. I believe his charisma will inspire others to lead in the rehabilitation of our country back to its lofty ideals, and our standing in the world as an agent of much good. We certainly need to rethink how we act in the world and how we are seen by others. Much can be learned through seeing life through the eyes of those different from us.


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