a month closer

Today I moved as little more closer to my lap band surgery. I had my second office visit with my doctor as required as part of my 12 week physician supervised diet and exercise program. It went very well. My doctor is very supportive of the surgery for me. He has high hopes that many of my co-morbidities will disappear or greatly lesson.

If you are not familiar with that term, they are the health problems that one suffers from that threaten your health. These are very important in qualifying you for any weight loss surgery. If you have a body mass index less than 40 (Mine is just above 40.), you pretty much have to have 2 of these co-morbidities. The primary ones that factor into weight loss surgery are hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiac heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, degenerative joint disorders and acid reflux syndrome. I unfortunately suffer from the first 5.
As I told my doctor and surgeon, I have no aspirations of being a skinny person. I will be happy being a slightly overweight person with much better health. I would love to lose at least 2 of the co-morbidities and greatly lessen the other 3. My motivation for the surgery is definitely one of health and not appearance.
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