march madness

Yesterday our area was hit with a March blizzard. I was in Columbus at a business meeting. Offices were closed early, and we started home early in the afternoon. The roads were very snowy and icy. The 2 hour drive home turned into 4 hours. It was so nice when my coworkers and I left in the morning. You never know about travel in March in Ohio.

About 10-12 inches have fallen yesterday and overnight. We were woken this morning by thunder and lightning. That was strange. It is still coming down out side. Brett snowblowed the drive for the second time. The dogs are having a ball. Emily just looks over the snow from the drive. She has tried to walk through it but disappears over her head. Wylie is a madman! Bosley loves the snow and is content to play in it for a long time. It looks like a snowbound day for us to catch up on odds and end of chores and winter cleaning of files and closets.
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