my fat meal

On Tuesday I start on a pre-surgery Optifast liquid diet for 6 weeks. I decided I wanted to say good –bye to my bad eating habits with a “last fat dinner”. LOL. I gave it some thought over the past month or so. I wanted to choose something so memorable and so yummy for that last big bite. The possibilities were many.

I chose the meatloaf dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I first had this dinner about 10 years ago in Las Vegas. It is so fattening and so, so unhealthy. I have not had it since my heart surgery a few years back. Every time we go to The Cheesecake Factory I see it on the menu and my mouth waters.

I wasn’t disappointed. They have changed the presentation over the years. It was previously called the mile high meatloaf dinner. It used to come stacked on a thick slice of bread with mashed potatoes on top of the meatloaf and then topped with French fried onion rings and then drenched in gravy. I know that is terribly unhealthy. Today’s presentation is actually a little healthier (just a little). It came on a plate with smashed potatoes and a delicious fresh corn mixture on the side. Just a little gravy. no onion rings, but sautéed onions instead. It is so tender and tasty, not heavy at all. I think they have purposely made it healthier.

Completely stuffed, we shopped Legacy Village and came back for take out cheesecake slices for home before we left. I chose the peanut butter cup and Brett chose the dolce de leche. So, that’s my last big hurrah to eating big.

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