1 down and 5 to go

I made it through my first week of my 6 week Optifast diet. It is easier than I thought. Once you get into the routine, it falls into place. I was surprised that I was never really hungry between meals. I am down 10.5 pounds to 247.5.

There are challenges everywhere. Thinking of that, there are always challenges when it comes to food and diet. I had a business lunch that I had to attend. It was a problem that I had to overcome. I decided to eat very lightly having only 1/2 a chicken breast and a spoon of steamed veggies and a small pile of spinach with a trace of low fat dressing. I skipped 3 of the Optifast meals that day. I figure that the three meals account for 510 calories, and I had nowhere near it by eating the lunch. I also only chose low fat, low sugar and no carb options. I am sure the dietitian would not approve. I still lost 2 pounds that day.

My second challenge was Sunday when Brett was home. He grilled boneless pork loin chops. I used the same logic and had a 6 ounce loin chop and a 1/4 cup of corn and a small amount of cabbage and noodles. I didn’t lose anything the next morning. I was concerned, but I have been under the weather the last two days. I think the change in diet is telling my body to stop it. I’ve been retaining water.

I hope the weight loss picks up again. I am a little worried that my forays off the diet caused it to stop. I also know from Weight Watchers that you reach plateaus where your body adjusts to the diet. I am hoping that that is the case. Anyway, I am back on the diet and doing very well. I don’t want these two detours to become common practice. I am determined to follow this diet. It is really a test on how well I will do on my post surgery

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