Wii-kend update

Saturday our friends Greg and Mike hosted a game night. Our friends Dave and Marc also attended. It was a lot of fun. We spent the evening playing Wii games, mostly bowling. Wii is so much fun. We’ve played it numerous times at Square in Highland Square where they project it on a huge screen.

I remain on my diet. It is hard with nights out. I decided to veer away from the diet a little for the night. I looked in my Weight Watchers book to see what veggies had the lowest calories. We took a veggie tray with peppers, celery, cucumber, broccoli and cauliflower with 2 low and no-fat dips. I cheated a very little with a few bites of artichoke dip and pita chips. I thought I did pretty well. I weighed myself Sunday morning. My weight remained the same. That was my goal.

Tomorrow morning I weigh-in for my second week. It will be less than the first week. The dietitian says that is expected since the first week is a lot of water weight. I am just happy that it keeps going down.

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