2 weeks down, 4 to go

I weighed in at 241.5 this morning. That’s a 6 pound weight loss for the week with a total weight loss of 16.5 pounds for the first two weeks of my Optifast diet. It hasn’t been that bad. I am pretty used to the diet and food. I actually like the shakes and bars. The soups are just so,so. It does fill me up. My biggest problem is getting in 7 servings a day. It’s especially hard on the weekend with sleeping in and forgetting them when we run around.

I do follow the diet as best I can. Weekends are the hardest. Since Brett’s been traveling during this period, I have no temptations at home. As mentioned in my previous post, I had some veggies, dip and other appetizers Saturday night at our friends’ game night. I actually only did 4 servings that day. I am sure the dietitian would not count it this way, but I figure that it left me with 510 calories for the evening. I ate nowhere near that.

So, I continue on for the next four weeks. The calendar is looking pretty good this week. No special lunches or dinners are scheduled. On Sunday, we are attending our friends Tom and Tom’s son’s graduation party. I’ll probably do the same as I did for game night; stick with low calorie food and a lot of water.

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