our day of pride

Saturday we spent most of the day in Cleveland at Cleveland Pride on Northcoast Harbor beside the Rock ands Roll Hall of Fame. We were taking our pal Phil out to dinner for his birthday. We met up with our friends Marc, Dave, Greg and Mike. The seven of us spent a few hours at the Pride Festival before taking off for dinner.

We chose Fat Fish Blue in downtown Cleveland. It’s on the corner of Ontario and Prospect across the street from Tower City Center. We had a fun time at the restaurant and good food. I violated the liquid diet for the dinner. I looked for the lowest calorie, lowest fat item on the menu. T think that I did well with a salad with grilled Cajun shrimp and blackened salmon served with light vinaigrette. It was yummy.

We finished the day with shopping at Tower City. It has lost some of its glitz over the past years. The closing of Higbee’s Department Store sure hasn’t helped. I think it will change in the coming years with the development of the Medical Mart in Higbee’s and the construction of the new convention center. I am not sure that Cleveland has officially decided to build at that location. It seems to be the favored site.

We dashed back to our car through a rain storm. It was a good time. We are fortunate to have such good friends to hang out with.

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