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This morning I had my first lap band fill appointment at the Summa Bariatric Center. Dr. Z. was in emergency surgery and Dr. Dan stepped in. He was actually in surgery and stepped out to do the fill. I was lucky because I was the only appointment for the day. They had cancelled all other appointments because of the surgery.

I know I have mentioned this before in this blog. The restriction of the lap band is adjusted by adding or taking away saline solution from the band via a port. The restriction is what controls your hunger and the ability to eat smaller portions. I can feel my port. I wasn’t sure, but Dr. Dan told me that it truly was the port.

The procedure was pretty simple. I did a slight sit up which allowed them to find the port better. Dr. Dan removed the solution already in the band from surgery and then re-added 4cc. My band is a 14cc Lapband. I was prepared for them to numb the area before inserting the needle. Other band patients had told me that their doctor does that before inserting the needle. Dr. Dan did not, and it did not hurt. I didn’t feel the first needle that removed the solution. I did feel the second needle. It was like a blood draw. I had to drink half a bottle of water to see if I could swallow. I did with no issues. I was done in 15 minutes.

I will now go one month with this restriction and see if it makes a difference. I am one full liquids for the next day. I think that I can tell that I have better restriction. I will know for sure once I begin eating again. Another first down with no issues. This is going very smoothly for me.

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