john mccain’s memory crisis

Although I support Obama, I have always felt that John McCain is an honorable person with a distinguished past. As election day nears, he has turned to his Carl Rove advisers for a strategy for the coming 4 weeks. They publicly admit that they intend to run a smear campaign on Obama. It all centers around Obama’s brief association with William Ayers of the Weather Underground.

It turned out that when Obama first ran for office, William Ayers hosted a block party. William Ayers also served on the same charitable board as Obama. No where, not at any time did Obama do anything for Ayers for a political favor. He even denounces the Weather Underground and it’s actions. McCain and Palin are painting Obama as being a close knit ally of Ayers.

So, what does this have to do with John McCain? I had heard some rumbling that McCain was one of the Keating 5, U.S. senators on trial on the 80s, who received free vacations and benefits from Charles Keating in exchange for looking the other way during the savings and loan investigation which eventiually lead to the savings and loan crisis. The video below is quite telling. It tells the real story and how deeply John McCain was involved. You need to watch it to understand John McCain’s stance on today’s financial crisis.

I no longer have any respect for John McCain. He is an aged politician grasping for straws and willing to go to any length to win the presidency. So sad of an end (I am sure it is the end for him.) for a person once of honor.

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