off for a week in vegas

We are off early tomorrow morning for a week in Las Vegas. I am on a committee for a large IT conference where I am also speaking. It will be a busy week. My whole weekend is packed with meetings that also extends through the week. I will have free time in the evenings. Brett had an extra week of vacation and is tagging along.. lucky him! We are taking in a few shows: Bette Midler and Terry Fator. If we have a free night, we will probably pick up tickets at the 1/2 price window. Vegas is one of our favorite travel destinations.

It will be my first long journey away with my lapband. It is really working since my last fill. I definitely have less hunger and there is good restriction. I have had several episodes where I ate the wrong thing and paid the price. That is what I worry about for this week. I plan on being very careful with my choices. I now have been losing weight again. I am down to 212 pounds. I will be anxious to see how I do with a week of conference food.
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