antigua, walking and shopping tour

A repeat day of nice weather. Antigua is not as developed as the other islands we have visited. None of the shore excursions excited us. We opted to sleep in and have late breakfast with Al, Keith, Mike and Louie; the group of friends we are hanging around with this week. Afterwards, we were off for a walking tour of St. John and a visit to their town marketplace.

Brett hates the pushy women in the marketplaces who almost take you captive to buy their wares. I just keep walking and ignore them. The marketplace was so crowded and the stalls just ran into the neighboring stalls. It was a funny experience. I did buy a cool little nativity in a coconut. After shopping the outdoor market, we climbed the hill to visit the church whose steeples we saw from the ship. It was a 160 year old Catholic Church. A group of school children were rehearing a play as we toured the sanctuary. Tonight we attended the mystery dinner theater with a group of about 40 from our tour group. We made the experience a little livelier for the others in attendance!
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