going bananas on st. lucia

OK… I have to rub it in. It was 87 and sunny for another day. Early Wednesday we were off on a 9:00 a.m. 4X4 excursion to explore St. Lucia. This was a challenge given that we got back to the room at 3:45 a.m. after our group’s mid-cruise midnight white party at the pool. Somehow the wake-up call did not work. So, we hurried off the ship and were on our way.

St. Lucia was beautiful and very natural. It is one of the largest banana growers in the world. Our 4X4 Jeep took us through banana fields and the jungle for 4 hour tour. Along the way the stopped at a few roadside stands along the road. I had fresh coconut milk right from a coconut that an islander used a machete to open and bananas at another.

An interesting stop was a small seaside village that was lined with market stalls. As I mentioned earlier, Brett hates these markets. I negotiated a few deals and bought a t-shirt and a leather shot glass for Brett. We ended the tour with a hike to a jungle waterfall. It was sort of a disappointment; especially after our hike to the beautiful jungle waterfall in Puerto Rico. This one was man-made and not very scenic. It was still fun. Chalk up another wonderful day in paradise. We have no idea what the weather is like back home in Ohio.

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