barbados… cool runnings and swimming with seas turtles

Today’s excursion was an early one again. We left the ship at 8:30 a.m. for a short bus ride to the docks in Bridgetown, Barbados. We boarded the Cool Runnings catamaran for a day of sun, swimming and snorkeling. I was along for the sun since I unfortunately can not swim. I still love these outings. The snorkel stops were beautiful and the crew on this sailboat were very accommodating. Rum, juices and snacks were being constantly offered up. We did sail to a quiet beach where we enjoyed a yummy lunch of jerk chicken, gilled fish and assorted salads. Many people opted to swim after lunch before we headed back to town.

After getting off the boat, Brett and I opted to walk the downtown. Bridgetown is a pretty good sized city with a lot of shopping. It has a real British feel. It was nice to see merchandise that was unique, different and not of questionable quality that we have seen most of the week in markets. We were shopped out and just picked up a few items before we returned to the ship.

Our week is coming to an end. Tomorrow is a sea day as we return to San Juan. We love sailing with the folks at Pied Piper. They work hard to make sure the cruise has something for everyone. Tomorrow will be a restful day on the ship.

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