6 Month Bandiversary

Well, today is my 6 month anniversary of my lapband surgery. I was wondering what others though at the ½ year point. Here are my revelations after my first 6 months. Overall, it’s been pretty smooth sailing with a few bumps along the way. I am a person who tries to manage and plan things to great detail. That has some pluses and minuses on a journey like this. I now know that there are things I can control and things I can not. I am managing my weight loss on day at a time.

  1. I am very glad to have had the operation. I wish I had done it sooner. I feel better, am more active and in much better health.
  2. I continue to wish my weight loss would go faster. I knew from the start that lapband weight loss is slower. I just set my expectations very high. I am down 51 pounds from my June 1 initial weigh-in. I am happy with that.
  3. You can’t compare yourself to others. I constantly do this. Checking the amount of weight loss and stats of others and then questioning what is wrong with me. I now realize that everyone is different with different metabolisms, goals, motivation, and rates of weight loss.
  4. Weight loss is not everything. I concentrated so much on this. I now realize that it is just one piece of the puzzle. Health, body image, changes in habits, happiness, etc are Just as important.
  5. It is hard to change old habits. OK, that is not a new revelation, but it applies here. I’ve adapted pretty well but I do fail at times. If it only weren’t for the evenings sitting in front of the TV or laptop.
  6. My new diet is very livable. I initially thought no more Big Macs, Bucca D Beppo, Chipotle! I still eat at most restaurants. My selections have changed and I usually bring home half the dinner. I can say I have never denied myself of something I really wanted when dining out.
  7. Do I miss the “bad” food? Of course I do. I have to admit I have tried a McDonald’s burger. One attempt made it clear that I could not do it. The band is doing its job and teaching me a valuable lesson.
  8. I am satisfied with my fill level. If you are a lapband patient, you know that people are constantly crying for a greater fill. Man, I did for months. I demanded restriction. Now that I am at a good point, I am happy. I have seen and heard of too many people go too far where they are miserable and unable to eat. This surgery is not meant to punish you.
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