outlet shopping trip

Brett and I made our annual winter trip to the Grove City outlets in Pennsylvania. This year, our pals Vic and Jamie, joined us. We made this a tradition for the past 3 years. The deals seem to be optimal on winter clothing this weekend. Ad to that, Pennsylvania does not tax clothing. It was not real busy today. The weather was definitely colder than forecasted. I had my profits from eBay’ing many of my XXL clothes saved for this shopping trip.

I bought a real nice Nautica winter coat, some hoodies, shirts and shoes. It’s kind of nice having to buy large. I had kept my XXL shirts and have been wearing them. At Christmas I had to buy a shirt and realized how much better I look in the smaller size. I took advantage of these sales to re-outfit myself into the smaller size.
The funny thing about weight loss is that my show size got smaller. I had noticed that my shoes were lose. I didn’t attribute it to my weight loss until someone else mentioned their shoe size went down. The Bass outlet had nice dress shoes marked down for m$100 to $25. I had an additional 10% coupon for the store and ended up buying myself a pair of black and brown dress shoes for under $50 total. Now that’s a buy. I am now done shopping for the season.

We stopped off in Sharon for dinner at the original Quaker Steak and Lube. It’s not the best place for our diets, but it’s a must-stop-at place when we head in that direction. We both got the grilled boneless chicken wings (actually chicken tenders). They were good. As usual, we brought 1/2 of our dinners home.
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