does same sex marriage degrade the value of “traditional” marriage?

This point is a quite interesting argument of opponents of same sex marriage. How do you define the value of marriage? It is often cited that about 43-50% of heterosexual couples in marriage will be divorced sometime in their lifetime. Infidelity is often reported around the 15-20% range for heterosexual couples. 2-4 million women are victims of domestic violence every year. I don’t believe a single marriage was impacted by a same sex wedding. It seems that divorce, infidelity and domestic violence are the areas in which concerned Americans should work on to strengthen the value of traditional marriage.

So why do same sex marriage opponents raise this issue so much? It is easier to target gay people than straight couples. Tackling the issues of infidelity, domestic violence and divorce via ballot initiatives would have a snowballs chance in hell. Many people have been involved in this situation, particularly divorce. They would be hesitant to support this legislation. It’s easier to enact laws that do impact you.

I can not imagine anyone that I encounter that would say that my marriage to my partner Brett would impact their relationship. Many gay people have long term committed relationships that are much stronger than their siblings. Many of their siblings have been married multiple times and divorced numerous times. Who sets the better example of marriage in these scenarios?

If you want to strengthen traditional marriage, allow gay people to be married. Validate their love and commitment to each other. It is not only good for them; it is good for our society.

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  1. Terri February 14, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Tom, I agree with you. It is so much easier for same sex marriage opponents to target or blame others than to examine themselves or their own relationships.

    Validating the love and commitment in same sex relationships provides our children with additional and much needed positive role models. Heaven knows, they need as many as they can get.


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