10 reasons to celebrate my life after weight loss surgery

I have become a very positive and forward looking person over the past few years. One of the revelations I had when I created my wellness vision was the fact that looking back and dwelling in the past gets me nowhere. Dwelling on the past can quickly take control of my life and keep me from achieving the goals and dreams I have ahead of me.

I try to convey this forward-thinking philosophy of life in my blog posts. Today I thought I would share ten things I am thankful for that are directly the result of my near 100 pound weight loss. The exercise in selecting these items was pretty revealing to me. Some are serious life changing experiences while others are just things that make me happy. Together they support my vision of living a healthy, happy, active life after weight loss surgery 

  1. My health – Without a doubt, my health is dramatically improved. Visits to my primary care physician and cardiologist are much more pleasant. I am sure my heart loves my life changes.
  2. Living the outdoors – I never dreamed I would love the outdoors as much as I do. I find myself snowshoeing, hiking, cycling, running and canoeing. These were beyond my dreams before weight loss surgery.
  3. New challenges – I kicked off this year with a Couch to 5K running program and have followed up with three 5Ks. I like the challenge that running in an organized race brings to my life.
  4. The thinner me –Although I am far from thin, I definitely like my slimmer appearance. Although my motivation for surgery was not about looks but about health, the resulting weight loss has made me a more confident person who is comfortable with my appearance.
  5. My blog – For six years I have blogged. Early on it was mostly about my life as a gay Christian man. Refocusing my blog on my journey where diet, fitness, health and wellness cultivate and define happiness has made blogging a passion in my life.
  6. 15 minutes of fame – The health system where I had bariatric surgery has featured me in print ads throughout this year. I am also spotlighted in their new bariatric center brochure and weight loss surgery testimonial videos.
  7. The clothes – Materialistic but nice; I enjoy being able to buy clothes off the rack and not in the big boy department. My clothing options reflect a more stylish, tailored and colorful wardrobe.
  8. My support network – I value the support network that has brought me to where I am today. I now know the value of surrounding oneself with positive people and the value that supporting others while allowing others to support you brings to my life.
  9. New friends – A new lease on life came to life through a new active life. With this life, I found myself surrounded by a network of friends with similar interests.
  10. Return to normal – As an obese person, I felt judged because of my bigger size. I was self-conscious of my body. Today, that is gone. It was not until I made this list that I realized it was an issue and how much better I feel knowing that it is gone.
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