GOBA Day 1: Rain, rain and it went away

Rain drops on the tent woke me and sounded so nice this morning until I realized I would be pulling up camp in the rain. Rain and wind followed me for 40 miles of my 46 mile ride from Urbana to Troy. Crossing through Tipp City, the rain and clouds evaporated and were replaced with sun and blue skies.

The morning was challenging with almost constant headwinds and hills; those damn hills. The roller coaster gave way to flat Ohio farms. The ride switched to the Little Miami River Trail for the final miles into Troy as I hugged the river banks.

I am finding GOBA to be a folksy cycling event that has a string tradition of stalwart enthusiasts. Many of the cyclists have done the event for 10, 20 or more years. It definitely appeals to the more nature audience. It is enjoyable. Of course, I am one of those more nature audience members.

The city of Troy is quite nice. We are camped in a park in the river banks across from downtown. We had dinner at the Presbyterian church; a delicious meatloaf dinner with cheesy potatoes for $5. It was a pleasant walk though downtown back to Gobaville.

Tomorrow is a layover day. I am planning to sleep in some and venture into Dayton in the Little Miami River Trail. That is unless I am awakened by raindrops on the tent.





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