Starting the countdown today…

10 work days remaining before our Hawaiian cruise. The Pied Piper Yahoo Group for our cruise has been finally heating up. Only a handful of folks had been chatting. Now many are. It looks like a great group of about 100 or so. Today, Carrie and Jutta, a lesbian couple from California who were on our Alaskan cruise, signed on. It will be good to see them again.

Pied Piper tends to attract guys from mid 30s – late 50s or so. This appears to be a typical group. From the pics, it looks like a good contingent of bearish guys. We choose Pied Piper since we don’t feel that an all-gay cruise with mostly princess pretty boys would be as much fun. Lyman, our tour host, is a great guy and a good planner. We should have a fun cruise.

In an amusing coincidence, this is the same ship we were on for our Alaskan cruise and Lyman was the tour host. What’s the chance of that! From what we have read, Celebrity did an overhaul of the Summit. It’s hard to believe since it’s only 5 years old and very modern. The picture is one one I took of the Summit in Ketchikan, Alaska.

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