April 10, 2006 – Monday – First Day at Sea

It’s the first of our three full days at sea on route to Hawaii. The ship rocks some and is noticeable. It’s a good thing that we are not prone to seasickness. We never noticed movement in Alaska. We are traveling at top speed of around 23 nautical miles per hour. The water is so blue. Several times we have seen fish swimming alongside. It is actually chilly. The temperature is around 70 and sunny, but the wind chill makes it cool.

We spent the afternoon in the ship spa’s saltwater pool and spa. It is covered and warm. Keith and Al, our dinner mates from Illinois, joined us for the afternoon. We’re back in the room and resting before dinner. I figured that it is a good time to get my journal up to date. I was good again at dinner ordering the poached fish trio. Last night I had the broiled Hake. I won’t talk about the rest of the day… bad, bad Tom!

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