April 11, 2006 – Tuesday – Second Day at Sea

Today we are seeing light rain and higher seas. There is not enough movement to make you seasick, just a gentle roll here and there. The temperature is still around 70. Where is the heat! It’s a good day to relax. We spent the morning at the covered salt water spa pool. Brett had lunch at the spa. I had my online access setup at the internet café and can now use the laptop wireless around the ship. I am on my way to my 3:00 seaweed wrap and Swedish massage. This treatment takes two hours. I am so looking forward to it!

Two hours passed so fast in the spa. The wrap and massage felt so good. I think that I will make a massage a regular thing once I return home. Actually, the first hour was refreshing. Paul, the masseur, rubbed a paste-like mixture of herbs and powdered seaweed all over my body. He then wrapped me in one of those space blankets and sealed me up like a burrito for 15 minutes. After a shower, he again wrapped me for another 15 minutes to detoxify. After the second shower, I had a wonderful deep tissue and Swedish massage that lasted an hour. I could get used to this.

Tonight was our first formal night of the cruise. After dinner we went to the late show and spent an hour in the casino afterwards. We played blackjack. Brett broke even and I lost $15… not too bad for an hour.

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