April 12, 2006 – Wednesday – Third Day at Sea

We continue in Open Ocean to Hawaii to day. The weather remains cool, around 70-72. The winds varied during the day. This morning it was gorgeous, and I decided to walk the top deck rather than treadmill. I had figured that I needed to do 7 times around the deck in 30 minutes. It was sunny and enjoyable. When I rounded the corner into the wind the iPod ear buds went flying out and I had to hold my ball cap into the wind. Brett chose to do the treadmill. He doesn’t think a brisk walk is as beneficial. We had breakfast delivered to the room and had planned to eat on the veranda. It was just a little too cool though.

The day was spent relaxing. Brett in the spa again with a manicure and hand massage. I entered the slot tournament and was eliminated at the last minute from the final round. I had my cheering section of Larry and Brian from our group and a straight couple from Florida we met at blackjack the night before. They were all cheering me on. I knew I was doomed when the last round were all little old gray haired ladies. If you have been to Vegas, you know the y rule.

We finished the day playing cards with Keith and Al, two nice guys from Chicago who are our table mates. Pied Pier has a special late night movie showing of Sordid Lives. It was so funny. The group is such a nice one. We enjoy the group activities. Tomorrow is board and card games in the afternoon.

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