April 18, 2006 – Tuesday – Lahaina, Hawaii (Maui)

It’s easy to see why celebrities chose Maui as a place to live. It has the beauty of Kauai, plus large amounts of restaurants, shopping and resorts. We spent the day exploring Lahaina, a former Hawaiian whaling center. It sort of reminded us of a New England beach village with palm trees backed up against volcanic cliffs and mountains.

This was an excellent port to shop. We visited many galleries and craft consignment shops. This island had the best deals that we have seen in Hawaii on t-shirts, aloha shirts and souvenirs. You could bargain shop and purchase original works of art in consignment galleries. We had lunch on the beachfront with a great view of our ship. It was a great choice. I really burned my diet with a ½ pound sirloin cheeseburger. Brett and I have grown to love the Maui Style Potato Chips that are in the restaurants and stores. They are the best! They are kettle cooked and are slightly thicker than normal. The result is fantastic. We are going to look for them in Ohio.

We definitely want to return to this island. We regret that we did not have time to venture to Ka’anapali Beach or travel the road to Hana. I think a week in a condo on Maui would be a super nice vacation. We have been sitting on the lanai since we returned, watching the coast and the tenders return to ship. We should be pulling out in 30 minutes or so. If you could only experience the beauty and peacefulness of this place, it is so outstanding. There’s no question where I would settle if I hit the big lotto!

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