Top Chef Harold

I had to wait to post this entry until Brett got home and watched the last episode. Anyway, the winner was Harold. He was my pick from the start. There was never a week when Harold did badly. He almost always outshone the others. Add to this, Harold’s personality and ability to get along with everyone.

The finale was interesting. Tiffani and Harold had to prepare a 5 course dinner for eight chefs and dining personalities. They were assisted by the other 4 finalists. Dave drew the short knife and ended up working on Tiffani’s team with Steven.

I am amazed at Dave’s kindness to Tiffani considering her hateful attitude to him during the season. He even agreed to make the dessert for her with the recipe he had selected and memorized for himself if he was in the finale.

Tiffani was the constant b*tch she had been all season. One of her downfalls was lying when the chefs and guests raved about her dessert. She took credit. The judges had spoken to Steven and Dave prior to this. Both had confirmed that Dave was the sole person responsible for the dessert.

Anyway, I look for good things to come from Harold. He says that he plans on using the $100K to open a restaurant in NYC. It will also be interesting to see if he clears up his vague response to the question earlier in the season if he was single. He responded that he was not single. Congrats to Harold!

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