Father’s Day

My father died of heart disease at age 60 in 1970. Although it’s been many years, I still think of him. As I drove to visit my mom in Alliance today, I fondly recalled summer Sunday evenings with my family. My dad loved the “Sunday drive”. This was our family tradition, especially during the summer months. We generally crammed into the Plymouth with my mom, dad and grandmother and explored the countryside around Alliance. We would stop at farm markets and ice cream stands. As I passed the New Baltimore ice cream stand, it brought back many memories. The drive almost alwasys ended at the Alliance Cemetery where we watered flowers and weeded my grandfather’s grave. My grandmother always said a prayer in Hungarian while we were there.

My dad ran a family bar. That meant that he spent most evenings at work. Sundays was the day he reserved for his family. He never attended church. We would get home from church, and he would have Sunday dinner well underway. My dad was an excellent cook. He was the company cook in the Army. He loved to cook and help my mother out. He was also very artistic. I beleive that I get my cooking and artistic talents from my father. My dad was an extremely outgoing person. He was a very popular man in town. Happy Father’s Day, dad.

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