The value of values in an election

Just when you thought that the 2004 election of George Bush was the worst, along comes the 2006 mid-term election. With Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown and many other Democrats leading in the statewide polls, the Republican mud-slinging machine is in full force.

Many of these ads attack the personal character of the candidates as not having the same values or family values as the everyday Ohioan. Somehow in a twisted Republican mentality, they have equated Republican to being Christian and Democratic to being Satan’s minions from Hell. The superficial labeling of those different to gain an advantage over others for personal gain has been around for eons. Can’t they think of something more creative?

The reality is that people of both parties have good values and family values. There are also those that do not. Political affiliation has no bearing on identifying those with the right stuff. I am proud to say that many of our friends who are mostly gay have terrific family values. The same applies to our non-gay friends.

Perhaps the Bible toting Republicans should test themselves against the Ten Commandments. They might also look at the numerous parables and stories of forgiveness, love and caring for others. Many of the Republican instigators would fair badly in terms of living these principles in their every day life. The reality is that most who profess to know the Bible’s will know very little about it.

That’s it for my venting today. I have not been stricken by tuberculosis, drowned by a flood or struck by lightning. So, I must be on the right track,

By the way, have you noticed that everyone you talk to says that they did not vote for George Bush? Where are these people? They certainly are not out there praising him. Hmm… I wonder why?

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