2 Weeks and Counting

In two weeks I leave for Chicago and the ELCA’s Churchwide Assembly. This will be a long and exciting week. Yesterday, the voting members from NE Ohio met for an orientation session. It appears to be the typical Lutheran group, actually somewhat diverse. There is so much material to cover. I already have 2” binder full. Much more will be handed out in Chicago.

Last night we received a previews of the memorials submitted for consideration. A large number of memorials will be discussed regarding sexuality, actually homosexuality and the Church. No one threw up red flags at the meeting. The Bishop reminded us all that there are passionate Lutherans on both sides of the debate and respect should be given to all. We’ll see how that holds up on a hot debate floor.

Church officials and rostered people always remind us that the Church is not a business. The reality is that it is. They love their jobs, their staff’s jobs, their “empires”, and the benevolence money. Politics are alive. Mailing on both side of the debate comes weekly. I believe that ELCA officials pray daily that the debate will just disappear up in smoke. Let’s face it; it’s not good for cash flow and publicity. It won’t go away. There is bound to be more politics and doubletalk in Chicago than in any Presidential debate or campaign stop. We should all pray for compassion, love and respect for all people in the ELCA.

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