Heart Friendly Diet 2005 (F) 2006 (B) 2007 (B+)

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my triple bypass. Diet is one of the most important things that a person with cardiac heart disease has directly under his/her control. Below is my goal from 2006 for this past year.

I am far from perfect on my diet. I still have issues on controlling portion size. We have been doing Dinner Plans where the meal portions are controlled. It helps a lot. I am down 15 pounds over all. I was down 31 pounds at the lowest. I am trying to get back to that weight. My goal is to turn my “B” into an “A” for next year.

I am pretty proud of myself and my diet lately. I did not make that “A” grade but did improve to a “B+”. In June, I joined Weight Watchers. I am following their Core Plan. This plan closely resembles a cardiac diet with the exception that it does not limit sodium. It does encourage low fat and low sugar foods. However, the basics of following this diet do eliminate foods with excess sodium.

Our cooking style is pretty healthy. We do not eat prepared frozen or boxed meals. I don’t miss those Hamburger Helper, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or Rice-a-Roni meals. I have found that is just as easy to prepare these dinners from scratch where you can control the ingredients, fats, sugars and salt. With Brett traveling considerably, I rely on the grill or Applebee’s Carside to Go. Their Weight Watcher menu items are very good and worth a try.

Do I go off the wagon now and then? Yes, I do. Vacation was a prime example. I watched my diet a little but allowed myself to eat pretty much what I wanted. I have learned that a diet must be livable. You should control your diet; the diet should not control you. Most people with no success with dieting try a diet that does not meet their lifestyle. The diet must be what you enjoy doing to be successful.

So what’s for the coming year? I love eating fresh foods and grilling. I will continue visiting farmers’ markets and the fresh veggie section of the grocery. I plan to stay with the Weight Watcher’s Core Plan. It is perfect for me. I don’t lose a lot fast, but I do see a small gradual weight loss. I still have issues on controlling portion size and plan on working on that. I actually weigh less than I did last year at this time. My goal is to get to 220 pounds by October 2008. My heart diet goal is to turn my “B+” into an “A”.

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