Take me out to the ballgame

Another busy day in Boston… The weather here has just been getting better every day. I spent most of the day inside at the IBM FS3 conference. At lunch I had to get out and take a walk. Boston Public Garden is just 1/2 block away. I spent 30 minutes enjoying the sun. Check out the row houses in the neighborhood surrounding Boston Commons. I am sure they are quite pricey. This is a truly beautiful urban setting and excellent base for a vacation in the Boston area.

Last night our IBM reps took us to Fennway Park and a Sox game. It was a madhouse of people with what looked to be a sold-out game. I got my picture taken at the famous Ted Williams statue at Gate B. We had a fun evening. After the game the streets were just jammed with the crowd. We were going to take the T back, but the subway was overflowing onto the street level. We finally caught a cab.
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