Walking Tour of Boston

Last night Tony, our IBM sales rep, took a group of 6 of us on a 90 minute walking tour of Boston. It was a lot of fun. We walked through Boston Commons into downtown Boston. We passed the statehouse along the way. We ended up in the Quincy Market area. It was looking pretty good. A few years back Brett and I visited Boston, and I thought the market area had lost it’s charm. It appears to be back and worth a visit.

Just past the market was the harbor front. It was quite a change from our last visit. There was an ancient green iron elevated I-95 separating the market from the harbor. With the Big Dig, it was replaced with an underground expressway and a parkway and park on the surface. You now can seethe harbor. It is so much nicer looking.

We circled back to the hotel through the retail area. With Filene’s acquisition by Federated, it was closed with Macy’s across the street still open for business. It’s also a shame to see that the beautiful downtown store is to be demolished for a high rise condo.

I opted to fore go the event night at Jillians and joined a fellow conference attendee from Progressive for dinner at Legal Seafood. If you have never been to Boston, don’t think of leaving the city on your visit without a trip to Legal. It is the best! I had a wood fired fish dinner. It was excellent. Three small portions of grilled fish (salmon, tuna and halibut) were joined by 3 shrimp and scallops; all expertly grilled. I was not disappointed. Of course, we both started dinner with their famous clam chowder.
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