telling a good story

This is my last day in Columbus in my welcoming church training. It has been an intensive weekend but also rewarding. Yesterday was quite interesting. We did a lot of work on story telling.

Story telling is a critical technique to employ when speaking to a group or even an individual. It basically teaches you to deliver an effective message in as little as two minutes. The technique involves you telling a story of yourself, a greater group and what it means to today.

We finished the day working on a technique called the implications wheel. It allows participants in a discussion to lay out the obstacles that may exist when making change. Through a series of questions that go deeper into the issue, participants see the risks and rewards related to the issue. It ultimately gives the group a clear path on which to proceed. I see it as a valuable technique.

Well I am off to my final day. We are starting with worship with the folks at Lord or Life and then finish mid afternoon.

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