an amazing meet the press

I am not a regular watcher of the Sunday morning news shows. This morning we chose to relax at home. Our friends Josh and Mike from Columbus had spent the weekend with us. As I was reading today’s Beacon Journal, Meet the Press came on the TV. I heard that General Colin Powell would be endorsing Barrack Obama. I decided to watch the show.

It was a riveting experience. General Powell eloquently described why Obama deserves to be President and is getting his endorsement. I didn’t miss a minute. He is such an intelligent person and did a terrific job on letting America know why we need Barrack Obama as President.

General Powell elaborated exactly why I support Barrack Obama. He called him a “transformational figure”. That is the reason we need him as President. Our new President needs to transform this country and move us forward into a new generation. Amen!

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