3 month post-op update… looking for that sweet spot

I am a little late on this update since I have been posting my annual heart health scorecard this past week. My weight is 218, 40 pounds down from the start of the pre-op diet. That’s only a 1 pound loss over the month. My BMI is 35.2. I have lost 39% of my excess body weight.

I am not real happy with my weight loss over the past two months where almost no weight has been lost. I am stuck in that bandster hell phase where the lapband is still being adjusted and is not assisting with any weight loss.

I just had my 3rd fill on Friday and am now at 6.5cc in a 14cc band. I can feel it now and then but not consistently. I have had 3 episodes of stuck food since the fill. To me that indicates that the band is starting to kick in. I have been lax on what I eat up to now. This week I am being more cautious of what I eat since those episodes are not pleasant.

The process is much slower for me than anticipated. My surgeon is happy with the progress and says that it may take 7 months to find a person’s sweet spot. That is something I did not want to hear. I go in again in 3 weeks and suspect that I will need another fill. I am probably very close considering the episodes where food is caught. What I haven’t reached yet and proper banding gives a person is the feeling of fullness and absence of hunger between meals.

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