The state of my wellness vision for 2014

A sure sign of the New Year is the dust left by the herd rushing into their local recreation center. This is soon followed by the collective thud of the herd settling back into their recliners in early February. The New Year is ripe with resolutions to lose weight and be more active. I played the resolution game for most of my life. On New Year’s Day 2011 stopped making resolutions and ushered in a new era for me.

In late 2010 I spent several months authoring a wellness vision and supporting goals. The idea of a vision that stated where I wanted my health and wellness to be over a given period of time appealed to me. I researched the topic for several months before penning my thoughts. I have relied on my wellness vision keep me on track over the past three years.

I am a happy, healthy person who draws on my talents, life experiences and passions to motivate myself and others to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit. – Tom’s Wellness Vision

An important part of living a wellness vision is revisiting it on a regular basis. During this annual review, I make any necessary adjustments for the new year. This review keeps my wellness vision moving me forward. Good goals need to be measurable and somewhat of a stretch. It is the action of reaching father out that grows me as a person and moves my wellness forward.

2013 found me living my wellness vision. It has remained pretty consistent over the past three years with only minor updates. My life was dramatically impacted by my weight loss surgery this past year. Some goals were missed but overall, I kept myself heading in the right direction, if not exactly on track with the stated goals.

For 2014 I made my first major change in the vision since its inception. I added the goal; “Use mindfulness to live a stress-free active life and encourage others to do the same.” This goal replaces one focused on maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family and the bariatric community.

After being introduced to mindfulness this past year, I see that being aware of and living in the present has great impact on my interactions with others. I will continue my exploration of mindfulness over the year and use it to live better life and be a more supportive person.

The Reader’s Digest version of my wellness vision:
I will strive to be a better person by living in the present and being mindful of my actions, thoughts and feelings. I will continue my advocacy for health, wellness and fitness in the bariatric community. I will work on being a better runner and complete my first half marathon. I will step up my cycling in distance and intensity. I will repeat my 2011 Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh bicycle tour accompanied by a group of friends.

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