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Is my story relevant to the bariatric community?

I have been a member of the weight loss surgery community for the past six years. I am a believer in the power of support networks. That is why I continue to attend local bariatric support group meetings and participate in online communities. This thought process extends to my work and personal life. I always put myself 110% into work efforts, social organizations and causes…

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10 Cold Hard Facts about Weight Loss Surgery

It is not THE permanent solution. No one issues you a stay skinny for life pass when you have weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is a tool that enables obese people to lose excess body weight so they can reclaim their life. It is not foolproof. You can find ways to cheat the surgery. If you do, you will find yourself regaining weight. When you…

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WLS Revision Four Month Update

Four months have passed since my Roux-En-Y (RNY) weight loss surgery. As I started down the revision surgery road earlier this year, I was unable to find many blogs by revision patients. I enjoy learning from the personal experiences others share. I made a decision to share my experiences along the way to help myself and those following in my footsteps. This is my four…

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