Fun and my wellness vision


Fun. Over my life the fun in life seemed to take a seat farther back on the bus. Fun was the number #1 priority when I was young. I spent all my free time playing outdoors. Recesses on the playground even brought fun to school. It only seems fitting that fun becomes the focus of my later years of life.

In 2011 I moved away from setting resolutions for the New Year. I began living my year guided by a wellness vision. I had spent a good bit of time researching wellness visions. In simple terms, it is a statement of where I see myself a year from now. This vision has goals but is deeper in the sense that you must uncover your motivators to reach the goals, obstacles that stand in the way, and your strategies to overcome them.

My wellness vision has generally remained the same for the past five years. It was during this year’s vision revisit that I discovered that my wellness vision needed to shift in a different direction for 2016. My life was driven over the past five years by transforming myself to a healthy active person who motivates others to do the same.

Retirement. Turning the calendar page forward 12 months brings me to my retirement date from corporate America. That event had the biggest impact on the 2016 edition of my wellness vision. A common theme of happiness and fun popped up quite often. I did retain the focus of my life on being active and healthy and being a motivator to others. The difference is the inclusion of a three letter word “fun”.

I am living a healthy and happy life drawing on my life experiences to be a fit and active person. I look for fun activities to embrace life to its fullest. – Tom’s 2016 Wellness Vision

I will live out this vision through three primary goals:

  1. Live a fun fit and active life.
  2. Live a happy and healthy life.
  3. Prepare to live a happy healthy fit and active retirement.

Although I will leave my office life behind, I by all means will not be idle. I plan on pursuing the fun things in life. I love cycling, hiking, being active outdoors, volunteering, and being an advocate for cycling and trails. I am not sure what that means at this time. This year’s wellness vision will hopefully lead me to an answer as I enter retirement.

I invite you to read my 2016 wellness vision. It offers me challenge in moving to a different phase of life. I will continue doing most of what I do today. The difference is making sure that fun is a main ingredient in the mix when I make decisions.

Tom Bilcze

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